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Surgical Services

Grays Harbor Community Hospital offers both same-day and inpatient services. Our expert medical staff provide comprehensive access to numerous surgical specialties, including ear, nose and throat; general; gynecologic; ophthalmologic; endoscopic; orthopedic; urologic; podiatry; and dental.

We offer 4 fully equipped surgical suites, plus additional endoscopic and minor procedure rooms on our East Campus. Coverage is provided by experienced surgical and anesthesia staff 24 hours a day. Procedures are performed on an inpatient, outpatient and emergency basis.

Same day surgery

Outpatient surgery typically does not require an overnight hospital stay. Thanks to improved technology and minimally invasive techniques, many surgeries allow you to recover at home.

Inpatient surgery

Some patients will need to stay in the hospital overnight or for a few days following their surgery, depending on the type of surgery and/or the patient's previous medical condition. As a precautionary measure, the surgeon may want to keep such patients in the hospital for observation.

Anesthesia department

The physicians in our anesthesia department provide high-quality anesthetic care for the full range of surgical, obstetrical and diagnostic procedures. Anesthesiologists work to provide the best operating conditions for surgeons. During surgery, the anesthesiologist will be responsible for regulating your anesthesia, monitoring your vital signs and taking care of your overall medical well-being.

On the day of surgery

On the day of surgery, please come to the main entrance of the hospital and sign in with the registration desk. You will receive paperwork to bring up to day surgery. Registration will direct you to the day surgery elevators.

Preparing you for your surgery

A qualified registered nurse will conduct an extensive health assessment. You will be assessed for your potential for pain and instructed on how to manage your pain after surgery. Your anesthesiologist will meet with you prior to your surgery and answer your questions.

We recognize that family and friends are important at this time, and family members will be invited to join you during the pre-operative period. The day surgery area will accommodate 1 to 2 family members at a time.

During surgery

We will make every effort to anticipate and ease your fears. A member of the surgery department will be there to answer any of your questions and escort you to the operating suite. Updates will be provided to family members while they wait in our day surgery waiting room.

Admission to the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU)

After surgery you will wake up in the PACU. A registered nurse will be at your side to explain what is happening. If you need pain medicine, notify the nurse immediately. It is easier for your healthcare team to prevent pain than to play catch-up once it starts. Please note: Family members are not allowed in the PACU area. If you are being admitted to the hospital after surgery, you will be taken to your room accompanied by your nurse and will hand off communication with the post-surgical team. If you are going home after surgery, you will be taken from the PACU back to the day surgery area, where you will be given something small to eat and drink. Discharge instructions will be provided to you and your family for follow-up care and post-op visit with your surgeon.

Please make sure that you have a responsible person to drive you home and stay for the next 24 hours.


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Aberdeen, WA 98520